Monday, June 23, 2008

Four Bars

You'd think a "resurgent" Taliban could actually defeat us every once in a while to earn that media label.

The problem the Taliban have in fighting Western forces in Afghanistan is highlighted in this latest one-sided battle:

The major battle began Friday in Paktika, one of the Afghan provinces along the porous Pakistani border where clashes between Taliban militants and security forces have intensified in recent months.

The coalition said militants ambushed the patrol on a road in Ziruk district with rockets and gunfire, prompting U.S.-led troops to return fire and call in warplanes.

About 55 insurgents were killed, including three key leaders, a coalition statement said. It did not identify them. Twenty-five militants were wounded and another three detained, it added.

"Patrols in the ambush area continue to report additional enemy casualties," it said.

Nabi Mullahail, the provincial police chief, said the fighting had continued into Sunday. He said militants suffered "huge" casualties, but had no details.

As long as Western troops have a functioning radio, enemy attackers are dead men walking. Patrolling aircraft need only the GPS coordinates to smash up any enemy concentration.

So the enemy needs to win decisively in the opening minutes of an attack. Large numbers of troops are necessary for that. But when the enemy does not win in those opening minutes, and thus far they have not, the enemy forces is hammered and chased down.

Explain to me again how the Taliban are resurgent?