Friday, January 25, 2008

Mastermind of the Axis of El Vil

Hugo Chavez seems so conceited that he believes he is Che reincarnated. And so he seems to think he is feared for his leadership that will unleash a so-called Bolivarian revolution across Latin America rather than mocked as a buffoon. Hence:

"A military aggression against Venezuela is being prepared" by Colombia, Chavez said. He warned Colombia not to attempt "a provocation against Venezuela" and said his country would cut off all oil exports in the event of a military strike from the neighboring country.

Chavez did not offer evidence to support his claim.

So when Hugo says Colombia is preparing to attack Venezuela, I worry that one day Chavez will lash out and attack somebody in the bizarre belief that he is striking first before his enemies can attack him.

The Netherlands should watch Hugo very closely.