Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Labor of Love

Mark Steyn addresses the compassion our media has for our twisted baby-killing monsters who've come home from Iraq and Afghanistan to terrorize innocent Americans in killing fields across our fruited plains.

The Times' love of our troops is so great that they don't flinch from reporting this carnage in the patriotic hope that somehow the word will get out that the poor victims of the Bushtatorship will get the government-run health care system they deserve in order to cure those murderous impulses.

Of course, when you've adapted your paper to a certain number of column inches devoted to how we are losing in Iraq, the lack of really good bad news from Iraq is a business problem as much as it is a matter of ideology. So the Times just switched gears and filled those inches with really good psycho veterans pieces. And they can claim it is done in compassion. Writes Steyn:

Our war has one of the lowest fatality rates of any war ever, and, when they get so low that even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid temporarily give up the quagmire bleating, the Times invents bogus stories to suggest that the few veterans lucky enough to make it out of Iraq alive are ticking timebombs ready to explode across every Main Street in the land.

The Times didn't have much to go on, but they did give it their best shot. And in defense of the reporters and editors, when they were hired they were assured there would be no math involved in their work.

Perhaps next there will be a camo ribbon campaign to raise awareness of this Genghis Khan Syndrome.

After failing to lose the war for us, they've switched gears to convince us that the price of winning is too high. Luckily for the Times, their subscribers already believed the story before it was even written.