Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas.

It is a holiday for children and I get a great deal of joy seeing little ones opening presents and believing in the full Santa story.

And because this is so important to me, I almost cannot bear that so many American children don't have their father or mother home this holiday because the parent is fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan or some other hell hole where our enemies hide and plot.

And the children whose parents will never come home. Whose presence will be a triangular-shaped American flag placed lovingly on a mantle next to their picture in their dress uniform--forever young and a warrior. For these children, their parent is a fading memory that will be increasingly dim as time passes. They've been robbed of a father putting together that toy that surely has a piece missing. Or had a mother stolen from them who would bake Christmas cookies for them and hover over them while the child sprinkled green and red sugar crystals over the dough.

I cannot begin to thank the soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen for whom December 25th is just another day on the job killing bad guys and protecting us at home.

So Merry Christmas. And remember just who stands on the ramparts providing the actual peace that we need in order to enjoy this holiday of peace on Earth and good will toward men.