Friday, June 23, 2006

Heads Must Roll

The latest press revelations of our covert efforts to prevent another 9/11 on our shores are purely disgusting. Just how far can they go in their pursuit of an Al Pulitzer before we say enough?

McCarthy concludes:

The blunt reality here is that there is a war against the war. It is the jihad of privacy fetishists whose self-absorption knows no bounds. Pleas rooted in the well-being of our community hold no sway.

The anti-warriors know only the language of self-interest. It is the language that tells them the revelation of the nation’s secrets will result, forthwith, in the demand for the revelation of their secrets — which is to say, their sources in the intelligence community — with incarceration the price of resistance. It is the language admonishing that even journalists themselves may be prosecuted when their publication of national secrets violates the law.

Bluntly, officials who leak the classified information with which they have been entrusted can be prosecuted for theft of government property. If the information is especially sensitive, they can be prosecuted for violating the Espionage Act. In either event, the press has no legal right to protect such lawlessness.

That is our simple choice: Strong medicine we will either take or persist in declining … while resigning ourselves to more of the same.

Yes. Our government must--absolutely must--ferret out those who would see us fail to stop our enemy in their misguided efforts to protect us from phantom government crimes. And those officials who leak must be prosecuted and jailed.

One way or another heads must roll as a result of this latest and other sickening revelations about our covert operations.

Haven't we learned that letting our enemies win quite literally results in heads rolling?