Tuesday, June 21, 2005

One Thing For Sure. No, Three Things

When I read SecGen Annan's article of support for progress in Iraq, I was rather stunned given his declaration that he could work with Saddam; that the war to overthrow Saddam was illegal; and his early bug out from Iraq when the going got tough (after the UN refused to take our security advice):

Today I am traveling to Brussels to join representatives of more than 80 governments and institutions in sending a loud and clear message of support for the political transition in Iraq.

I was sure of one thing: Annan is guilty as sin in the Oil for Food scandal and he is trying very hard to suck up to America in hope that promise of UN support in Iraq will restrain our calls for his corrupt hide.

But then I forgot the two other things this statement from Annan verifies:

When Kofi Annan tries to claim credit for success in Iraq, it's a pretty good sign of two things: success is unmistakeable, and the UN had nothing to do with it.

So that's three things we know for sure now.