Friday, August 24, 2018

Physical World Cyber-Warriors Blow Up Real Good

If enemies use cyber weapons as an asymmetric means of fighting America when they can't (yet) take on our conventional military power, why does America insist on fighting that asymmetric cyber threat with a symmetrical cyber response?

This author suggests a number of physical world responses to cyber threats:

These options may seem extreme; they were once unthinkable. But, frankly, so was Russia's playing a major role in a U.S. presidential campaign. If we don't want to suffer more extreme injuries at the hands of our adversaries, we need a few unthinkable responses of our own.

This is in line with my longstanding view that JDAMs are the ultimate cyber weapon:

Let me just say as I long have argued that while cyber warfare takes place on the Internet, until virtual Artificial Intelligence lives online, the equipment and people waging it live in the real world:

It is necessary to prepare for war in cyber-space with sophisticated cyber-weapons as have been deployed against Iran. But in the rush to fight in cyber-space, don't forget that a physical smart bomb can simply blow up a room full of enemy cyber-warriors if they have an office park and we know the address.

Indeed, as I note in that post, offensive cyber-war capabilities at the strategic level might be a waste of effort on our part.