Friday, August 10, 2018

Collusion With Tyranny

China has funded propaganda arms in American higher education. America will work to undermine that support:

Under a massive defense authorization bill expected to be signed by President Trump, authorized funding would be blocked from supporting Chinese-language programs at colleges that host the Chinese government-operated institutes. It also blocks funding for programs at Confucius Institutes outside colleges.

Good. I haven't been happy with their activities:

American universities should no more want to allow these Chinese government institutes on to campus than they would allow ISIL Institutes, Ethnic Russian Putin Institutes, or Aryan Institutes.

Shame on those universities for taking China's money and allowing China to gain the stamp of approval of our higher education apparatus as a cover for information warfare.

Or have I missed the establishment of Lady Liberty Institutes promoting English language and American values in Chinese universities?

Hopefully American higher education will be shamed into rejecting that money over these institutes that stifle criticism of China and promote China's interests.