Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Who Draws the Lines?

For all those who say the West should "understand" Russia's desire for a buffer zone in the west (to stop a non-existent NATO invasion threat), doesn't this explain how immoral that position is for the free West to take?

Polish leaders said they were delighted to be able to choose their friends, something they said was not possible during more than four decades of communist rule.

“Thirty years ago, which is not that long in history, we had units here in Zagan which we were forced to treat as allies,” said Polish President Andrzej Duda, referring to Soviet Army troops. “And today we have in Zagan allies who symbolize freedom.”

This was part of an article on how NATO forces are moving east to deter the Russians.

Many people in light of current warfare in the Middle East are fond of pouring abuse on Europeans a century ago for drawing lines in the Middle East to establish zones of influence for the colonial powers.

Isn't denying the states formerly ruled by the USSR the right to decide whether they are going to be friends of the West or ruled by Russia just drawing more of those awful lines over the objections of the local people?