Friday, February 17, 2017

The Art of the Palestinian Deal

President Trump didn't abandon a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian problem. He gave the Palestinians incentive to actually say yes to a deal.

Sure, the Arab League is complaining about the Trump statement that he'd support any deal that the Israelis and Palestinians agree to:

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said on Thursday that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict required a two-state solution, a day after the United States backed away from its commitment to Palestinian statehood.

The Western Left will go berserk, too, if they can take time out from their fantasy panic over the descending Trumptatorship--as if they have any clue about what real fascism is.

But I digress (as I can!).

Exactly what did 8 years of Obama pressure on Israel and our president's contempt for the country's leaders--complete with authoring a nuclear deal with Iran that paves the way for the mullahs to have nukes (even if you believe the deal is good, that is the end result of a deal that works)--get for the Palestinians?

Eight more years of life under corrupt Fatah in the West Bank and corrupt Hamas (plus assorted "rogue" jihadis) in Gaza. That's what it got the Palestinians.

Oh, the corrupt rulers prospered very nicely under that status quo, mind you. Few of them are poor. But the Palestinian people have gotten nothing from their rulers or from an American president fairly hostile to Israel.

The Palestinians could have had a deal back in 2000 under President Bill Clinton that would have provided a two-state solution, recall.

But the Palestinian leaders--afraid of saying "yes" when so many Palestinian extremists would have killed any Palestinian leader who said yes to anything but the destruction of Israel--said "no."

Trump didn't rule out a two-state solution. What he did was motivate the Palestinians to say "yes" to a deal while making Israel more comfortable with American guarantees to back Israel in setting up the deal.

Indeed, demoting the Palestinian issue in the vexing array of conflicts that threaten stability in the region could also represent a beating with the clue bat for Palestinians who can't say "yes" to anything other than "Death to Israel!" Say "no" too much and we will move on to other issues in the job jar.

This may in fact be the best chance for the Palestinians to get their state.