Thursday, February 09, 2017

Seriously, Samantha Power Owes Me a New Computer Screen for All the Coffee I Spewed On It

Samantha Power, President Obama's ambassador to the UN, elevated fake news to new levels with her defense of President Obama's policy toward Russia:

Let me stipulate that Power did issue a warning that is valid, important, and urgent. Her topic, as she explained at the start of her speech, was "a major threat facing our great nation: Russia."

Yep, no question about that. Vladimir Putin's Russia is a growing threat, as some of us have been arguing for more than a decade.

But it was on Obama's watch that Russia became a mushrooming threat to a degree that even Obama and his team could not in the end ignore -- welcoming Edward Snowden, snatching Crimea from Ukraine, moving back into the Middle East, backing the Assad regime and bombing in Syria, hacking hither and yon, and frustrating Power at the UN with its veto on the Security Council.

Yes. Do read it all.

Until I hear an apology from former President Obama and his loyal minions to Mitt Romney, I don't want to hear one Goddamn word from Democrats about how Trump is going to be too easy on Russia.