Sunday, February 26, 2017

Murder-Suicide Pact

I commented on this article on the Russian policy angle, but it is also a solid critique of our media a month into the Trump administration:

America needs an intellectually solvent and emotionally stable press to give this president the skeptical and searching scrutiny that he needs. What we are getting instead is something much worse for the health of the republic: a blind instinctive rage that lashes out without wounding, that injures its own credibility more than its target, that discredits the press at just the moment where its contributions are most needed.

I'm not anti-media. I'm very pro-freedom of the press. But I'm not fooled that these people aren't heavily biased against conservatives.

I thought the Obama era made that bias evident to even the densest. But sadly the denials continue. Can the denials continue still?

We need a free press. I want a free press. I never wanted MSNBC to be shuttered (along with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and PBS; along with their print brethren) because they are biased. The cure is worse than the disease.

And as regular readers know, I've never been a fan of Trump. I want this until-recently liberal to be constrained and focused by his conservative allies, his left-wing foes, and a free press that looks for real issues to cover. I think this will help to make him a successful president that helps achieve a successful America.

But right now the left-leaning media is effectively trying to carry out a murder-suicide pact with Trump.

Yet the media in their circular firing squad is missing its target so completely that only President Trump will be left standing given the frothing rage pretending to be news.