Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Matter of Faith and Morals

The Pope will put the weight of the Catholic Church behind global warming. Ah, science!

Well this is just great:

Pope Francis will call on all people to be "stewards of creation" and address the hot-button topic of climate change on Thursday in the most feverishly awaited papal encyclical in decades.

By making environmental protection a moral imperative, his intervention could spur the world's 1.2 billion Catholics to lobby policymakers on ecology issues.

Global warming is already a religion. It's like the Church is granting permission for that new nature-based pseudo-pagan church to take over Catholicism. From dust to dust, and all that, I suppose.

And it makes sense since the doctrine of papal infallibility says that on issues of faith and morals the pope may claim infallibility to settle a debate.

So now the pope will settle a science debate with his authority. Well, he may not formally invoke it (which has been done only twice, I believe, both on issues of faith). But that's the gist. The science is settled. And rejecting it is sinful.

Now the high priests can get on with the debates about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

Yes, when reality shows the models aren't predicting what we are experiencing, don't even think the models might be inadequate! No, change the data.

In what way is this science rather than dogma?

Actually, this might be the point where global warming jumps the shark. If the always despised (by the left) Catholic Church comes out for global warming science, how can the vanguard of the warmetariat continue to march with these guys?

Now go and emit no more. Because nobody expects the Warmish Inquisition!

Sing it, brothers and sisters!

UPDATE: I'm really not interested in my Pope's views on climate change.

The Pope seeks favor with people who don't like the Church much anyway. He won't get them to like the Church and will just drive away Catholics who  prefer their pope to address matters of faith.

What's next? Will he walk around dragging a mattress?

UPDATE: I'm angry about this. But should I be?

After all, how many divisions revisions does the Pope have, anyway?