Monday, January 20, 2014

Yes, We Fight Evil

My contempt for our anti-military left did not recede today. We fight jihadi enemies of such cartoon-level of basic evil that Hollywood would struggle to portray them as evil as they are without running afoul of viewing standards. Yet some can watch Lone Survivor and be upset that our troops are portrayed as human good guys and the enemy as evil.

Seriously, Lone Survivor would have to descend into depths of Hell that would put off viewers to match what our enemies do:

Let’s talk reality: When the film shows jihadists storming into a village and lopping off a man’s head, it understates their atrocities. I don’t know what has to be done to penetrate the thick skulls of the willfully ignorant, but the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies are evil to a degree Americans (obviously) have trouble comprehending. I’ve relayed this litany before, but it bears repeating. Here’s a (partial) list of al-Qaeda actions in my unit’s area of operations between 2007–2008: Decapitating women and children, recording the murders up-close, and shrieking “Allah Akhbar” as they sawed off each innocent head; shooting an infant in the face with an AK-47 as a warning against collaboration with Americans; raping women to “dishonor” them, then strapping bombs on their bodies as the only way they could redeem themselves; and putting bombs in unwitting children’s backpacks then remotely detonating them at family events. Let’s also not forget the years-long suicide-bombing campaigns where civilians weren’t collateral damage – they were the target.

You know, I'm sorry our enemies aren't conveniently blond Norwegian Nazis who work for an oil company. Really, I am.

One, if they were our Left wouldn't toss around the term Nazi about opponents of their policies so freely if they actually had a clue about what actual Nazis were.

And two, maybe our Left could get behind the war against jihadi monsters who in a perfect world would inhabit only body count lists.

Seriously, if you can't be firmly against jihadis whose crimes against Christians, Hindus, Jews, different kinds of Moslems, and even the same kind of Moslems who don't go along with the whole jihadi thing, who can you sign up to be against?

If you can't have even a speck of gratitude and respect for the men and women who volunteer to go off to fight these monsters, there is something wrong with your moral compass.

Are Tea Party members really the only people that these people on the Left think are evil? Is advocating lower tax rates and lower spending actually more brutal than head chopping and throwing acid in the faces of little girls going to school?

Seriously, you sons of bitches?!!

For some on the Left, our volunteers who stand between us--and other "brown people" as one quoted critic alleges we delight in killing in Afghanistan--and jihadi thugs who would kill, maim, and subjugate them, are just as bad as the enemy if only we weren't too jingoistic about making movies to notice.

Ah, to think that Afghanistan was once the "good war."

I knew that facade wouldn't last longer than the Iraq War.

Leaving me to ask--again--why do we hate us?