Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not a Patriot By a Long Shot, It Seems

Remember when Snowden's attempt to be a soldier (he was discharged after breaking a leg or two in training) was a defense of his patriotism? What if Snowden joined just to be a version 2.0 of that Army twerp who gave stolen information to WikiLeaks?

I only ask because this article says Snowden joined the NSA specifically to steal secrets:

Edward Snowden took a job at the intelligence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton specifically to steal American intelligence information, according to a report today in the South China Morning Post quoting the NSA leaker's last major interview before his current international manhunt.

Which, if true, wrecks any notions that Snowden joined the NSA (or the Army, for that matter) for patriotism and was simply shocked and horrified that what he did wasn't in line with his patriotic impulses to defend our country from terrorists.

How long has Snowden been stealing information? Who has he given it to? And does he work for someone else?

UPDATE: Snowden was no patriot who wanted to defend his country but was disillusioned to see how it was done. No, he had help in his journey to the NSA, and then to Hong Kong and Moscow.