Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Itinerary of Justice?

Edward Snowden's itinerary doesn't exactly scream high-minded, whistle-blowing, freedom-of-speech-defending patriot, does it?

So Snowden took off for Russia. What? The Russians don't trust the Chinese to share everything they learned from Snowden?

A former contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency, charged by the United States with espionage, was allowed to leave Hong Kong on Sunday, his final destination as yet unknown, because a U.S. request to have him arrested did not comply with the law, the Hong Kong government said.

Edward Snowden left for Moscow on Sunday and his final destination may be Cuba, Ecuador, Iceland or Venezuela, according to various reports.

I may enjoy the left's sputtering frustration at maintaining their "hope and change" chants while defending Snowden despite his charges, but I still haven't read anything to make me change my mind that the NSA program is legal and necessary.

Mind you, it is regrettable that we do this. I'd like us to try to kill more jihadis and defeat Islamist ideology so this program could be scaled back or put on standby mode.

And I certainly recognize that this administration could easily abuse the program, as it has with other government agencies. And with our fawning press corps, we lack even that check on the government's potential to misbehave.

I'm still hoping Snowden's final destination is Cuba--Guantanamo Bay. But I'm an optimist, at heart.

UPDATE: Wow. China to Russia to Cuba to Venezuela. What? North Korea and Iran don't get blessed with his presence?

It's the "I'm With the Bastard" world tour of thuggish regimes. Ah yes, a Hero of the Left.

UPDATE: A "tyranny tour" works, too:

Edward Snowden flees to Ecuador – a country that's cracking down on press freedom. His tyranny tour has undermined his cause[.]

Yeah, Ecuador is no prize in the freedom world:

President Rafael Correa of Ecuador embraces his role as a thorn in Washington's side, railing against U.S. imperialism in speeches and giving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange refuge in his nation's embassy in London.

You'd think that over four years of President Obama would have had some positive effect on Ecuador's policies regarding America. But no, they'll screw over not-Bush, too.

It's almost as if "hope and change" and promises to restore our reputation abroad were some sort of mindless and meaningless drivel.