Monday, April 18, 2011

48 To 52

Paul Krugman is all through with civility. Which is to be expected since we are now in a debate to overturn hyper-liberal spending policies. Dissent against the government's policies is patriotic only when fighting conservative (or less than liberal) policies. When the liberal view dominates, it's all about civility and working together for the government's policy views. When their views are out of favor, it's scorched Earth time to win.

You'll recall the post-2008 election "52 to 48" campaign, right? Some thought it was a touching sign of reaching out to defeated opponents to work together. I'm surely all for getting along with people who have different political views. Heck, I have friends who are liberal even by Ann Arbor standards. I never think of them as enemies. Life is too short to get worked up on a personal level with other people over policy. Live and let live, I say.

But I still think that happy view of the 52 to 48 campaign is false. No, it was a call for 48 to surrender to 52 and work with 52 for 52's goals. Nothing more. Remember that President Obama reminded us all that he won, so he got to do what he wants. Why wouldn't the left in victory want to avoid being treated the way they treated Bush? Heck, I've done my part. I think I've avoided sinking to reflexive opposition to anything President Obama does just because he has done it. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hope our country is in such great shape in 2012 that President Obama is rewarded with reelection.

But I doubt our policies can achieve that. So in the spirit of that 2008 hopenchange campaign, I'd like to get the ball rolling in a (Former) 48 to (Former) 52 campaign to jointly confront our runaway deficit and mounting debt that people are starting to notice aren't going away on their own.

Mostly, I'm hoping I got the compassionate head tilt just right. And of course, I'm late to the parade as the link demonstrates.