Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My God! Is the Administration Really This Stupid?

Clearly, the administration would like Khaddafi to go. President Obama has said so. But the coalition we formed isn't fully on board with this mission. So our statements range the spectrum of regime change to idiocy. Idiocy like this:

Clinton said the United Nations resolution authorizing force against Gadhafi was broad, but included nothing “about getting rid of anybody.”

At the same time, Clinton said it is “highly unlikely” a stable and peaceful Libya can be established with Gadhafi in power. She also said the U.S. mission was intended to give insurgents fighting Gadhafi a “level playing field” and a “much better chance” at toppling the dictator. [emphasis added]

Are you freaking kidding me? We launched a war humanitarian mission to level the playing field on behalf of the people we want to win?

When you go to war to help someone, you should go to war to help them win--as quickly as they can consistent with our means and objectives.

Intervening just to "level the playing field" will just lead to angering the enemy a little and ultimately alienating our supposed allies who will rightly resent fighting and dying for a draw or to bleed the enemy. It is a smart diplomatic strategy ripe for pissing off both sides. Now that's nuance!

I've said it before on Libya (and Iran, and others) and I'll say it again, when you strike a king, kill him.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mad Minerva for the link.