Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is Everything Political?

I wrote about the neat trick of our Navy visibly deploying three of our four SSGNs near China on the same day, and commented on the military implications.

Sigh. Sometimes you just can't win, as a comment by another blogger clearly shows:

What strikes me too is how the author is going out of his way to avoid acknowledging what is, after all, his president’s decision – “Kudos to the Navy”. (*snickers*)

WTF? One, this was purely a look at the military implications. So yes, I highlighted what the Navy did. I didn't even mention politics, yet someone reads that post and immediately goes out of his way to see a political statement because I didn't sing the praises of the President. Is the Time author in the piece I cited to be similarly judged for not mentioning once that Obama ordered the display?

If I ever read that the President specifically ordered this move, I'll offer a second kudos to the President for that. But I suspect that this was a Navy initiative and that the President was simply informed of the plan, with the obvious option as commander-in-chief of cancelling the deployment if he thought it unwise.

Two, yes, President Obama is my president. That's the way it is. I've never, ever said or implied that he is not simply because I did not vote for him. If you've read this blog regularly it is obvious I'm not thrilled about his election, but haven't been shy about giving him credit. I also don't think I've been prone to denouncing whatever he does without thinking about the case. Nor have I gone overboard in criticism beyond the issue at hand.

Reason number 55 why I don't enable comments.