Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feel the Love

The trade pact has been promoted as reducing the tensions in the Taiwan Strait and reducing the chance of war between China and Taiwan.

China hasn't gotten the memo:

China will have 2,000 missiles aimed at its rival Taiwan by the end of the year, several hundred more than the current number, despite fast-warming trade ties between the two sides, an island defence study said.
Luckily, the Taiwanese have yet to be lulled:

Taiwan plans to buy US-made torpedoes and heavy tanks to boost its defence capabilities despite the thaw in ties between the island and mainland China, it was reported Monday.

President Ma Ying-jeou has ordered the defence ministry to draft a shopping list which includes MK-54 torpedoes, dozens of M1A2 tanks and amphibious landing vehicles, the Liberty Times said.

The Taiwanese also gamed an invasion attempt by China. (This is my guess.)

I've had my worries about Ma, but whatever his flaws he doesn't intend to deliver Taiwan to China, it seems.

If Ma snags a good amount of F-16s, I'll feel better still.