Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Culture of Entitlement

North Korea sinks a South Korean ship in March, threatens consequences if the UN singles them out, and then throws a hissy fit over joint military exercises held in response to the attack:

"Amid growing concerns by the international community, South Korea and the United States have announced they would hold joint naval exercises," said Ri Tong Il, a North Korean spokesman, according to Yonhap news agency. "Such a move presents a grave threat to the peace and security not only to the Korean peninsula, but to the region."

Amazing. How did we train North Korea to expect that they can literally get away with murder and it is out of bounds for our side to point out that they murder or react in any way at all?

When North Korea collapses, either before or after Pyongyang launches a war in an effort to save themselves, I do hope that we get video of North Korean civilians stringing up Kim Jong-Il by his heels from a lamp post while North Korean soldiers cheer themon.

But right now, the US and ROK forces exercising had best be loaded for bear in case the North Koreans make good on their threats.

And we'd best have a lot of forces overwatching them to rush in and help out. If North Korea openly strikes the ships and planes in the exercise/show of force, we need to sink anything with North Korean markings we see--and do it fast--to let the North Koreans know that we don't accept their position that they get to kill our people without consequences as long as they spread out the deaths over a long enough period.