Friday, June 19, 2009

Good To Go

The Iraqi foreign minister thinks Iraq can handle security duties after June:

"The Iraqi government, about the security forces, are confident (they) are capable of taking over its full responsibility after the withdrawal of American forces" from cities, Zebari told a news conference on a visit to Tokyo.

"We are confident about the ability of our security forces. They've become more mature, more efficient," he said.

U.S. combat troops, who invaded Iraq in 2003, are scheduled to leave urban centers by June 30 and redeploy to bases outside to hand control back to Iraqi security forces, according to a security pact that took effect in January.

Well, we'll still provide lots of logistical and intelligence/recon support, of course. So they aren't really on their own (which is the situation in NATO for most of our allies, for some perspective).

And having lots of well-trained American soldiers nearby is a nice booster of confidence, knowing that they can get help if they really need it.

I think the Iraqis can handle the job as long as we continue to supply needed capabilities until Iraq can do those jobs, too. But we'll have to endure some unpleasant periods, I'm sure, as the Iraqis stand up.