Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blown to Bits

We need to build a cyber command center:

One thing Cyber Command will need is something the air force was already building; a Cyber Control System. This is a hardware and software system that would enable the Cyber Command to monitor, in real time, the security state of all military Internet activity (or enough of it to be useful). If any of these networks were attacked, the Cyber Control System software would immediately alert Cyber Command, and recommend a course of action. Think of this as a war room for Cyber War. Many people, deluged with TV and movie representations of high tech military command centers, believe such a Cyber War center already exists. It doesn't, and the Cyber Command will have to build it.

One thing I worry about is getting so caught up with cyber war that we forget that cyber warriors die just like any other human if hit with bombs and bullets.

In case of a cyber war that takes place in a shooting war, I hope we remember that a bunch of JDAMs brought down on the enemy cyber war center will work far better than trying to outwit them on the Internet.

And I hope we remember that any big cyber command center is similarly vulnerable to enemy bombs.