Sunday, January 29, 2006

What Is His Job Description?

I have to wonder about ElBaradei's job description when I read about him proposing this:

U.N. nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei on Friday called on the United States to provide Iran with nuclear reactors and urged Tehran to declare a moratorium on enriching uranium for at least eight years.

ElBaradei said that amount of time would enable the country to earn the confidence of the international community that it was really interested in nuclear energy — not nuclear weapons.

I know I must be confused about his job because I thought he was supposed to impede nuclear weapons proliferation. When you talk about buying time and Iran, the only one buying time is Iran. And the mullahs aren't trying to use that time to build confidence. Unless by "confidence" you mean "nuclear missiles capable of incinerating infidels and Jews."

Luckily, American leaders are not confused:

U.S. Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record) appeared to rule out negotiations.

"They're interested in acquiring weapons of mass destruction and dominating the Middle East," McCain, R-Ariz., told a panel. "I don't know of any carrot that works."

Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, said in Washington that comments from Iran indicate that it appears "to be playing more games with the international community."

"We remain in discussions with our partners and others about the best way to send a clear message to the regime in Iran that it is unacceptable to have nuclear weapons," McClellan said.

This just feels like a pre-war period. I don't think Iran will forego nuclear weapons. I don't believe our government will allow Iran to go nuclear without a fight. And I don't think there is any chance the Russians or anybody else can do anything to stop Iran from going nuclear or stop us from acting.