Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well Why Bother?

I wrote in my post DaBushci Code that I thought the Downing Street memo was a big nothing despite the frenzied spittle-inducing rage it (and its brothers) inspired in the unhinged anti-war Left. Indeed, it is less than the usual Plastic Turkey issue the anti-war side trots out every couple months to continue the debate-that-will-not end over whether we should invade Iraq. The memo actually bolstered the Bush administration on the WMD issue. I really meant to add my two cents to this and even marked up my copy of the memo in order to do so.

But then James Robbins did a thorough job exposing the silliness.

And then Christopher Hitchens used my Da Vinci Code reference.

Quite clearly, there is no point in me bouncing the rubble.

I eagerly await the next non-issue.

Of course, if the Bush administration was out their pounding on our successes in the Iraq War and our reasons for fighting, there wouldn't be a vacuum that the loonies could fill every day in their pointless rants.