Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mention 9-11 Every Damn Day

So the loyal opposition is upset at the references to 9-11 in the President's speech?

No doubt. They do badly when our people are reminded we are at war and that they want to read our enemies their Miranda rights and give them Michael Jackson's legal team now that they are free.

While nobody has suggested that Saddam helped carry out 9-11, the fact that Saddam's Iraq had contacts with bin Laden and links to al Qaeda and terrorism generally should not be doubted. Read this for the particulars.

Saddam was hip-deep in cooperation with our enemies. We needed to destroy his regime and we did. As a bonus, we ended a mass human rights violation with a UN seat.

I wish the media would show the films of 9-11 and the planes slamming into the Twin Towers, the people plunging to their deaths, and the smoldering Pentagon and field in Pennsylvania as much as they show some terrorists with panties on their head.

I really wish they'd express as much outrage over the attacks of 9-11, too.

9-11 provides the context for what we do all over the world. Shout out what happened that day every damn chance we get. Too many forget what happened and way too many think we deserved it.