Wednesday, October 23, 2019

LIGHT TANK (laɪt tæŋk) n. 1. Easily Destroyed


Remember that the Army wants light tanks to support our infantry. And they could face infantry with the ability to kill our light tanks.

That dispersal of light anti-tank power is in addition to moves like this to upgrade the weapons of infantry fighting vehicles or armored cars (video at the link):

The Army is looking for more range, more punch, and more options for its Next Generation Combat Vehicle, and is turning to Northrop Grumman to provide the 50mm gun that can rip through armor, or reach out and touch targets that current infantry vehicles can’t.

Other countries will follow suit.

The Army truly is being sporting by committing to light tanks (or whatever name is chosen to disguise the fact that they are light tanks) in support of our infantry just when just about anybody on the battlefield will be able to kill them.

Even our heavy tanks need added protection with the proliferation of threats out there (although at least the bullets don't add to the threat level to them--except to the tracks for mobility kills).

Those new army light tanks should be called Future Burned-Out Hulks (FBOHs).