Monday, June 24, 2019

Of Course Taiwan Needs an Army

The idea that Taiwan should only try to stop a Chinese invasion force before it reaches Taiwan rather than improving the Taiwanese ground forces to defeat the PLA troops that land on Taiwan is dangerously laughable.

Taiwan will buy more weapons and ammunition from America. Seriously?

The proposed arms package includes 108 main battle tanks, 250 Stinger anti-air missiles, as well as 409 Javelin and 1,240 TOW anti-tank missiles. This would be fine if Taiwan were preparing for a ground war, but the real conflict if China invades will be at sea and in the air. Taiwan should focus on acquiring the most cost-effective methods of stopping a Chinese invading force before it lands.

I don’t believe a crust defense can stop China off of Taiwan. Sizable forces will make it ashore through any gauntlet given the overwhelming Chinese naval, air, and economic advantage. Combined with the ability to choose the timing of invasion, Taiwan must defend in depth.

And if Taiwan’s ground forces can’t quickly crush the bridgeheads and airheads before the PLA gets organized, China will defeat Taiwan and crush their island democracy.

Witness Hong Kong where China is trying to crush freedom 32 years ahead of schedule. Do the Taiwanese think China will be squeamish about ending freedom fast on Taiwan where no agreement to let the local system exist for fifty years?

So yeah, Taiwan had best prepare for a ground war like their lives and freedom depend on it.

UPDATE: And of course, in addition to having capabilities across all the domains, Taiwan needs the ability to fight in the time domain: for as long as it takes to win.