Thursday, June 13, 2019

Image Versus Substance

So people are upset Trump will meet with Putin?

Trump, whose presidential campaign has been the subject of several wide-ranging probes into potential ties to Moscow, has been criticized by some for not taking a firmer stand against Russian aggression.

This betrays Ukraine?

I can only dream that Democrats and the media would have been as eager to oppose the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

And where were they in 2009 with that Russia “reset” so soon after Russia pounded Georgia? Why the restraint in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine?

Now they are blood and guts anti-Russian neo-Cold Warriors? Please spare me the faux outrage.

I certainly hope the optics are better than the last imagery debacle. But it was an image debacle and not a substantive debacle.

Is rotating more American troops to Poland substantive enough of an image to satisfy the neo-colds?

Look, we need to oppose Russian aggression; but we also need to pry Russia away from their growing vassal status under Chinese domination. We flipped China against the USSR in the Cold War. We need to flip Russia today.

If speaking softly while carrying a big stick can do that, why not try?