Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Russian "Help"

Russia wants to help us with North Korea? Just. No.

I see Lucy is holding the football again:

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Russia would help with North Korea and offered an enthusiastic update on the U.S. process of negotiating with the antagonistic Asian nation over nuclear weapons.

Russia "helped" with Ukraine in 1994, pledging to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity in exchange for Ukraine giving up their nukes; and then invaded Ukraine anyway in 2014 to annex Crimea and occupy portions of the Donbas east.

Russia "helped" with the Serbs in 1999, rushing troops into the post-Kosovo War area to shield Serbia.

"Russia "helped" with Iraq in 2003, feeding intelligence on US plans to Saddam Hussein (forget about that one?).

Russia "helped" get us a chemical weapons deal with Syria in 2013, which just shielded Assad and did not stop him from using chemical weapons.

Russia "helped" get us the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, which allowed Iran to pretend to not have a nuclear weapons program which obligated America to pretend to believe them; and which helped finance the Russian-Iranian intervention in Syria to save Assad.

Russia is currently "helping" us in Afghanistan by providing some support to the Taliban.

And already, Russia has tried to "help" by reducing the pressure on North Korea to come to a deal:

Russia's envoy to North Korea said on Wednesday it would be logical to raise the question of easing sanctions on North Korea with the United Nations Security Council, as the United States pushes for a halt to refined petroleum exports to Pyongyang.

Ah yes, Russia wants to "help" us--good and hard.

Russia will not help us with North Korea in any way that resembles the common definition of the word. Keep Putin out of this.