Friday, December 02, 2016

Yeah, Go Snuggle That Puppy

Just. Wow:

"America’s election has led to a boomlet for therapists"

Liberals horrified that Trump will be the president are hiring up therapy dogs and seeking therapy. The article says they are showing signs of PTSD.

But what doesn't make them sad?

We all know that the people seeing these therapists are mainly left-leaning types who probably tend to be less happy in general. According to some research, liberals are less happy in general than conservatives, and have a harder time when politics don't go their way[.]

Perhaps liberals are inherently fragile, which is why they like a nanny state (or college)-enforced "safe space" to replicate the womb they hated to leave.

Eight years ago (and four years ago) after the presidential election, conservatives went to work the next day. And overseas, conservatives in the military (working side-by-side with liberals, I'll add) were humping through Afghanistan and/or Iraq or sweating far from home on air bases or on ships and submarines at sea doing their jobs to protect civilization from macro-aggressions consisting of jihadis who lack all subtlety in their killing rages.

Grow the ef up, people. General Patton would have been justified for slapping the people in this basket of inconsolables.

Tip to Instapundit.

UPDATE: Quick update (also tip to Instapundit):

A Hillary Clinton supporter admitted himself to the psychiatric ward on election night because he realized she was going to lose to Donald Trump.

Benjamin Ryan — considered a “Hillblazer” because he raised over $100,000 for the former Democratic nominee — detailed his suicidal nervous breakdown for the Huffington Post on Wednesday.

Even more amazing than the fact that a top supporter was that emotionally unstable is that the man believed telling the world about it--like it is a badge of honor--was a good idea.

He likened his ordeal to that of a combat veteran:

“Poetically, I was given my walking orders at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. I was now a veteran of institutional care — shell shocked, but on my feet.”

Yeah, that man deserves a good Patton slapping.

Of course, the signs of his issues were apparent well before the results trickled in election night:

Ryan described what he was wearing in the VIP section of what was supposed to be Clinton’s victory party in New York — “a red belt, white skinny jeans, and a blue Hillary-as-Rosie-the-Riveter T-shirt, my hair lavishly coiffed into a confident pompadour.”

Yeah, that screams "mental health."

On an unrelated note of people happy that Hillary lost the election, check out this picture from that article:


I assume that was concession speech time. Hillary Clinton looks stunned and miserable.

Her running mate looks catatonic in his misery. While it is a static picture, I get the impression that even in video he would not be blinking. Just a thousand-yard stare after seeing the elephant.

Bill Clinton? Not so much. Is it just me or do his eyes look happy and relieved just as his official frown of disappointment looks more like a smile trying not to escape?

That is not a sad face. That man was not about to commit himself in a suicidal funk.

Throughout the election campaign, Bill Clinton said things that made me wonder if he really wanted Hillary to win and so outshine his presidency. That picture erases my wonder.

UPDATE: That "Hillblazer" has company, mental health-wise, over Trump's win:

David Remes, a lawyer, citing one of his clients who is an inmate [at Guantanamo Bay], told CBS News: “He said that many detainees thought that it was the end of the world and felt terrible and that many detainees asked for tranquilizers, sleeping pills, because they were so distraught.”

If the jihadis are suicidal, who are we to stop them?

I'm sensitive that way.

UPDATE: Regarding the expression on former President Bill Clinton's face, let's contrast that with truly unhappy faces:

That is what unhappy looks like. Those White House officials are people who needed tranquilizers that day.

Bill Clinton did not look like that.