Thursday, December 01, 2016

None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See

To state the obvious, it is harder to accuse Iran of cheating on the Iran deal if we don't have the ability to get evidence of cheating:

The international agency responsible for monitoring last summer's nuclear deal with Iran is deliberately not reporting on Iranian activities that may indicate Iran is violating the deal, setting up a potential confrontation with the incoming Trump administration, according to nuclear and nonproliferation experts.

But I'm not sure that the Trump administration can compel the IAEA to provide more information. I thought that failing was baked into the atrocious deal.

And as for the claims that Trump can't walk away from the deal, in what sense is it even a deal at all?

Face it, the Obama administration set up a system where it would never have to confront Iran over violating the deal by the simple expedient of making sure no inconvenient information could ever reach us.

And recall that this nuclear nonsense for which we flopped like a fish is called Smart Diplomacy.

Given that so many of the benefits to Iran were front-loaded in the deal, I'm willing to explore the possibility that we can rigorously enforce the deal and actually stop Iran from going nuclear and make their lives miserable for their regional aggression and support for terrorism.

But I seriously wonder if we can to that. If not, we should walk away notwithstanding the damage already done and start squeezing mullah-run Iran again.