Sunday, January 03, 2016

The "Reality-Based" Community

I would just like to note that the same people who called the Iraq War a "mess" and "quagmire"--yet ultimately boasted about the success--also seem to believe that the Syria Civil War--300,000 dead and counting in 5 years of unrest and full-blown war--is a State Department "significant success." (see the update)

So the very idea that our president will take a victory lap in a global tour is fairly astounding:

The White House, Politico reports, means the trips to cement a legacy of “Trans-Pacific Partnership, increased attention to Asia, an opening of Latin America, progress against the Islamic State and significant global movement on climate change.”

If TPP is truly a free-trade agreement rather than a basket of gifts for friends of the Democratic party, I'll back that.

The "pivot" to Asia to watch a rising and assertive China is certainly a welcome recognition of reality, but I'd be happier if our shift of forces wasn't taking place alongside a reduction in our forces, meaning little added capability is going to Asia--just a higher percentage.

The opening of Latin America consists entirely of surrendering to Cuban demands and hoping for the best.

Progress against ISIL is so slow that I have to show this Blackadder clip (skip to 1:30):

But on climate change, I will say the president is on to something. If we have just one more year of flat global temperatures, President Obama will match President Bush 43's record of having no global warming on his watch.

The Post has other things left off the presidential accomplishment list.

I guess in this age, everybody gets a trophy lest their self esteem take a hit.

But perhaps it is me. I freely confess I lack a grasp of nuance.