Friday, August 31, 2012

You're Worried. That I Get

I sense a general unease with China in India even if the specifics of this article don't really mesh together into an actual point.

The article says some in India believe China is preparing to strike India this year; that China will turn on India after securing their western Pacific objectives; that China is trying to pierce the Himalayan shield with diplomatic inroads into Bhutan and Nepal; and that this is related to India's "Look East" policy of competing with China for Southeast Asian friends.

I just don't see how the first fear is bolstered by the latter trends.

Yes, China is building infrastructure and forces to make Tibet a launching pad for operations against India. I've noted this development.

But China is not about to realize their western Pacific goals any time in the next few months to allow China to turn on India this year.

Further, the Bhutan and Nepal efforts would surely be compromised by a Chinese strike on India in the near future.

Finally, if India really believes China won't turn on India until China gains its objectives in the western Pacific, you'd think that India wouldn't limit their Look East policies. You'd think that India would want to bolster Taiwanese defenses to keep China busy as long as possible in that strategic direction.

India surely has reason to worry about Chinese power. But I'm not sure what the point of the article is other than a general expression of angst. Perhaps I simply lack the background to understand the implications that bring this all together for an Indian reader.