Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank You, Canada

I do hope Canadians don't think that a late night show of clowns who celebrate their own clowning reflects American opinion. These guys can be funny, but their joking over the deaths of 4 Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan is reprehensible.

Canada has been a stand-up ally in Afghanistan. They are notable for being one of our few allies to actually fight instead of sending war tourists. Canadian troops may not be numerous, but they are good soldiers. I'm glad to have them fighting with us.

And the Taliban have specifically targeted Canadian forces in order to try and break Canadian morale and get them to pull a Spain and run away.

To Canada's credit, they've held firm in the face of this enemy strategy.

So understand that Canada has been an ally. And they've suffered significant casualties to remain in the thick of the action in the toughest parts of Afghanistan.

I'm sorry some clowns mocking Canada's recent losses have gotten so much attention. I'll always be proud to have Canada as our ally.