Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What are the Persians Up To?

Strategypage notes that Iran has sent hundreds of trained killers back to Iraq:

September 21, 2008: Hundreds of Iraqi Shia who had been sent to Iran to take training in bomb making and assassination, are returning to Iraq. But these men are not doing anything, yet.

And it isn't just Iraq:

A former Iranian diplomat, now living in exile in Sweden, believes that Iran is continuing to build a network of agents in Persian Gulf Arab countries. All of these have Shia minorities. One country, Bahrain (65 percent Shia), has a majority. The others are minorities; Oman (4 percent), Kuwait (23 percent), Qatar (5 percent), Saudi Arabia (15 percent), Yemen (45 percent) and the United Arab Emirates (15 percent).

And this isn't even mentioning the overt Iranian presence in southern Lebanon where their creation Hizbollah prepares for war and increasing presence in Gaza in support of Hamas.

I wrote a while ago that I worry just what Iran is planning for the region. I still wonder--and worry.