Saturday, September 27, 2008


I've long thought that Syria's support for Sunni jihadis in Iraq is a risky move. The Alawites who rule Syria are a Shia-offshoot minority that keeps the Sunni Arab majority subjugated.

Syria funneled Sunni Arabs through Damascus and into Iraq to kill us and Iraqis. But that conveyor belt has been disrupted. Are jihadis who want to go to Iraq getting stuck in Syria with nothing to do with their jihadi anger?

Or is this bombing a sign of what jihadis with time on their hand and no Americans nearby do?

State-run television said a car packed with an estimated 440 pounds of explosives blew up on a road on the capital's southern outskirts, wounding dozens and shattering car and apartment windows. The charred booby-trapped car sat in the street near a primary school.

The blast knocked down part of a 13-foot-high wall surrounding a security service complex that houses several buildings in the Sidi Kadad neighborhood.

Syria plays with fire. Did they get burned? And could Syria become a target of Sunni jihadis?