Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Pretend Debate

One of the frustrations I've felt over the last 5+ years of blogging is the inability of the Left to actually debate the Iraq War issue. "Debate" simply means we discuss the issue until 51% agrees with them. Until then, the debate is not over; and if they get that agreement, the debate is ended. Permanently.

Part of the strategy is a lack of honesty in discussing the issue. Whether it is in the big picture or in detailed points, distortions of the record are routine.

I've long felt that the Left is generally ignorant of military affairs and so their judgment is suspect on this level alone without addressing sheer dishonesty.

But when you see dishonest tactics with small issues like the plastic turkey issue of the "100-year war" it is obvious that more than sheer lack of knowledge is driving their approach.