Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Real Shock Troops

I guess the dehumanizing effects of war have been hard on al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq:

Other insurgent groups have begun to turn on al Qaeda. Asaeb al Iraq al Jihadiya (aka the Iraqi Jihad Union) up until a few months ago had conducted several operations in conjunction with al Qaeda. But now, Asaeb al Iraq al Jihadiya is accusing the terror group and its puppet political front, the Islamic State of Iraq, of
murdering and desecrating the bodies of its members
in Diyala province. "To make things worse, they dug up their bodies from the graves, further mutilated them, beheaded them, and showed them off from their vehicles while driving through the towns. [The Islamic State of Iraq] even killed our men’s wives and children."

Even bin Laden (or whoever got the job to play him on TV), who sees the Sunni Arabs of Iraq turning on his well-intentioned lads, seems a bit concerned about the bad reputation his minions in Iraq have earned by their head lopping, chlorine gas attacks, and suicide bombings on civilian targets:

"Everybody can make a mistake, but the best of them are those who admit their mistakes," he said. "Mistakes have been made during holy wars but mujahedeen have to correct their mistakes."

Yeah, not too many of his benchmarks for Iraq have been made these last four years.

Maybe The New Republic is interested in a new author to write about the Iraq War?

As for bin Laden's so-called "mistakes?" Yeah, correct your mistakes, you son of a bitch. You owe us four planes, two tall buildings, and about 3,000 innocent civilians. Rot in hell.