Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Price of Cooperation

Iraq is going to start shipping discounted oil to Jordan via tanker trucks:

In June, Iraqi Finance Minister Bayan Jabr Solagh said his country will offer the oil at a preferential rate of 18 dollars below market prices.

Jordan was reliant on Iraq for all its oil needs before the start of the US-led war on its eastern neighbour in March 2003, importing 5.5 million tonnes annually by road, half of it free and the rest at a preferential price.

Under last year's deal, oil supplies from Iraq to Jordan were due to begin in September 2006 but have been delayed for technical and security reasons.

Shreideh said the first delivery of Iraqi crude will be considered as a "trial phase to deal with security conditions", which supplies starting at around 10,000 barrels daily and gradually increasing to reach 30,000 barrels.

Despite a generally pro-Western outlook, by 1991, dependence on Iraq for Jordan's economic health lead Jordan to take a pro-Saddam foreign policy. By 2003, Jordan helped us by letting us stage a light invasion of western Iraq via special forces and Army National Guard units that garrisoned captured airfields to use as bases. (I think some Marines may have been involved, as well.)

I imagine Iraq will now get more cooperation from Jordanian officials in efforts to shut down Baathist financing of insurgents and terrorists. Saddam's daughter should consider a fast relocation before she is sent back to Iraq for trial.