Monday, January 01, 2007

Why Would They Be Grateful?

Victor Hanson has repeatedly said that we need to end our oil dependency so we don't fund jihadis by sending huge sums of money to regimes that like those jihadis:

Seek energy independence that would collapse the world price of oil, curbing petrodollar subsidies for terrorists and our own appeasement of their benefactors.

Opponents of the war often make this point, too, to argue for oil independence. You know, "no blood for oil" and such rot. If we didn't import oil from "unstable" sources (read "Islamic" countries), they argue, we'd have no reason to fight there.

Now, I have no problem with seeking energy independence, but Hanson adds one important point about that energy independence that the pacifists ignore--it would allow us to end appeasement of such energy exporters.

That is, we are hamstrung in fighting Islamo-fascism right now because important sources of oil like the jihadis. If the world didn't import their oil, we could be more forceful with these states, up to using force, without worrying about an embargo or the destruction of the oil infrastrucutre in the fighting. Funny enough, pacificsts should want to increase our oil dependence if they want to prevent us from fighting over there.

And it gets worse for the crowd that thinks oil independence would allow us to stand clear of the Middle East. Consider that the jihadis are all hopped up to kill us based on their claim that we "steal" their natural resources. Yep, at $70 per barrel, the jihadis believe we are stealing it.

So can you imagine how mad the jihadis would be if Moslem countries can't sell us oil for even $10 per barrel because we need it for plastics and limited energy needs? Talk about a conspiracy to impoverish the Moslem world!

And don't draw too much hope from the lack of money in stopping attacks on us. Box cutters, rudimentary flying skills, and 3 or 4 plane tickets don't cost that much. All they really need is anger and the inability to sell oil would increase that anger exponentially.

So sure, become energy indedependent if we can. I'd like the savings in cash for us, the freedom to confront enemies without fear of economic dislocation, and poorer jihadis sitting around on hot sand.

But don't think that becoming energy independent would ever end the jihadi threat to us.