Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poltroons and Scoundrels

When an enemy that has waged low-level war on us for decades since they seized our Tehran embassy helps our enemies inside Iraq, tries to spark a civil war, and even may have directly attacked our soldiers, why does the narrative of what is going on condemn America for even thinking about "escalating" the Iraq War to include Iran?

Iran is at war with us, killing our troops, and yet our big debate is over whether we should wage war on them? Iran escalates and may of us find it unacceptable that we should fight back?

I'm not advocating we invade Iran, but surely we can do something to hurt them in return. And actually, for years I've assumed we are planning something but that we keep it hidden to avoid telegraphing our actions. The recent Somalia operation after I complained for months that we seemed to be doing nothing should remind us all that silence does not necessarily mean inaction. After all this time, my confidence flags on occasion on this point, I admit, but I have to believe our President is serious about the Iran threat.

But even if the administration is quietly working the problem, that doesn't explain how the public debate is dominated by an intense determination to look away and not admit what Iran is doing. That is amazing to me.

Just how many Americans must Iran kill before we notice? Or are we just supposed to smile and enjoy it as long as it is happening? Is that what our elite think? Are they that craven?