Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mars Needs Women!

China has a problem of too few women of marrying age compared to men. The one-child policy has resulted in sex selection for that one (and don't even ask how that is done if you have a weak stomach) that has changed the usual 105:100 male-to-female births ratio to 115 or 120: 100. The result:

This impending surplus of unattached young men could be a driving force behind increased crime, explosive epidemics of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and even international threats to the security of other nations. Yet the Chinese government has done little to address its demographic destiny.

Foreign aggression? I wish the author had expanded on his reference of past historical experience. Isn't it just as possible that a nation with parents who have one pampered child will be unwilling to have their only sons sacrificed for the state? Will capturing Taiwan seem reasonable when their only child is the one to die?

Perhaps we have reason to worry about the women shortage in China, but I'd like to see a little more detail on the question.

This leads to an interesting question: Will the Left be willing to fight to defend our womenfolk? Thank goodness the women's studies department at Berkeley is on the west coast. That would discourage the most "tense" Chinese private on the hunt for a mate. (Please no hate mail for that. I kid you. Really)