Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Honore, You Magnificent SOB!

Lieutenant General Honore was a little frustrated with the press when reporters wanted to ask about current preparations for Rita compared to the Katrina preparations:

Army Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore, commander of active-duty troops engaged in hurricane relief, grew frustrated with reporters when asked if the government was trying to compensate for its sluggish response to Katrina.

"Let's not get stuck on the last storm. You're asking last storm questions for people who are concerned about the future storm. Don't get stuck on stupid, reporters!" Honore said.

A reporter immediately got stuck, and the good general immediately noted that and refused to answer the Katrina-related question in light of the need to prepare for Rita and make sure accurate news went out to the people of the area.

I am only slightly disappointed in Honore. Why on Earth should he think reporters would want to report on what is happening when they can indulge in more of the blame game for Katrina? Has he not paid attention in his career to the press? When the reporters don't have the knowledge to understand what they are reporting on, they never let it slow them down. All you have to do is get indignantly mad and all is well. Just show you care, boys. Show you care.

Is the press stuck on stupid? General Honore, with all due respect, that is a feature and not a bug.