Monday, July 09, 2018

Red Card or Yellow Card?

Should Britain withdraw their team from the World Cup in Russia?

The Russians tried to assassinate a Russian exiled opponent of Putin (and sickened his daughter, too) in London. Those two survived, but there is collateral damage from the residue of the attack, which apparently took the life of Dawn Sturges:

A U.K. woman has died after being exposed to the same type of nerve agent used against a former Russian spy and his daughter, British police said in a statement Sunday.

A British man was also exposed, and is critically ill.

As Putin boasts that the World Cup is showing Russia in a positive light, will Britain go along with this propaganda show while one of their citizens lies dead from Russian action and another struggles for life?

Britain should strongly consider withdrawing from the World Cup right now. How much of a signal of disapproval and anger would that be when Britain is on the cusp of winning the title? How much would that embarrass Putin personally?

And if not that step, the British team should take the field wearing "Dawn Sturges" arm bands. Winning the World Cup in Russia with that statement on TV before a Russian and global audience would strike a blow.

To Hell with Putin's image-building tournament.

UPDATE: Surely the British can exceed this:

After the quarterfinal win against Sweden, some England fans stormed a London IKEA store and trashed the furniture while singing their World Cup anthem, "It's coming home."

The cup won't be coming home to Dawn Sturges. Because of Russia.