Wednesday, July 04, 2018

One Belt, One Road, One Barrier

The Chinese may build an "airport and wharf complex for tourism" on Guadalcanal? That's oddly in the opposite direction of their Belt and Road to Europe and Africa.

As are other projects in the region:

My recent paper on multi-domain synergy might be more directly relevant than I imagined.

Remember, in 1942 we worried that from that location the Japanese might cut off the lines of communication between America and Australia.

Much will depend on whether any Chinese forward military assets (and to be clear, such a development is only hypothetical at this point) are isolated by American and allied military positions further west, closer to China; or whether the forward Chinese positions help the Chinese coming from the mainland break through the barriers America and our allies control now.

To prevent that, the Australians would like other countries to provide these recipients of Chinese aid alternatives to closer ties with China via such aid.

Do read all of the initial article.