Thursday, July 05, 2018

Less Prediction than Hope

The European Union wants its own military force to supplant NATO and thus push America aside. The Eurocrats claim the EU will complement NATO rather than replace it. I don't believe them.

"This EU worry" sounds more like a Eurocrat's wet dream:

European Union leaders have discussed their fears that the “immense pressure” President Trump’s policies are putting on Nato could lead to its break-up.

Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, painted a bleak picture of the Trump administration at a dinner last night.

America isn't trying to break up NATO. America is trying to make it more capable by pushing our allies to spend more on defense.

Tusk's "warning" sounds more like an excuse to break their promises not to replace NATO as the primary defense body of Europe.

The EU will build a separate military while claiming Trump is forcing the proto-imperial European Union to replace NATO.

The EU is anti-American. American policy should be to encourage Europeans to embrace NATO, an alliance of free nations, while rejecting the European Union as anything more than a trading bloc.

So I certainly hope Trump is working against the EU! In this battle, have no doubt that Trump is the pillar of the Westwrn order--not the EU.

As for the sudden worry about their precious bodily fluids NATO, those on the left should stop worrying because America is a member of NATO based on a Senate-ratified treaty, which is how we commit America to an agreement.