Saturday, July 07, 2018

Free Trade Dies in Darkness?

I remain conflicted over President Trump's efforts on tariffs.

Trade is good. Free trade is better. And despite the gnashing of teeth over the optics of his approach, he has said his preference is no tariffs.

So it doesn't seem like he wants a trade war, as critics assert.

Yet the media has covered this issue without the information we need to make an informed decision on the merits: just what is the balance in tariffs?

Does America on average face higher tariffs on our exports than we impose on imports?

Isn't that basic--and vital--knowledge to have?

I know that after World War II we accepted a tariff system weighted against America. We wanted the rest of the world back on its feet both to be our customers and to be better security partners.

But that was a long time ago. I assume we clawed back some ground. But how much?

So why doesn't the media examine the actual tariff burden so we know if Trump's effort is justified?

I mean other than because math is involved and treating this as "another" Nazi policy initiative is easier and worth more ratings.