Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dim the Lights and Squint and the NYT Makes Sense

Blaming Trump for failing to make Russia pay a price for invading Ukraine and meddling in our election fails to note that yes, those things happened under Obama and nobody seems to notice.

It's almost as if Putin expected "flexibility" from America under Obama in the face of Russian actions.

And you have to forget that America is seriously considering sending needed anti-tank weapons to Ukraine now instead of just non-lethal equipment (although Obama training was valuable)

Funny too that if you really want to focus on making Russia pay a price, and so Trump is the legitimate target of criticism, why doesn't anybody condemn Obama for that whole 2009 "reset" and cancellation of Bush plans for missile defenses in Europe despite Russia invading Georgia in August 2008 under Bush 43?

Wasn't that letting Russia off the hook?