Monday, March 26, 2012

Stretching Exercise

Reelection for President Obama is just a means to get more presidential "flexibility." And it would be nice, the president essentially says, if the Russians didn't harm his reelection chances by humiliating the president before November.

Flexibility is useful for bowing more deeply and for curling into a fetal position while enemies kick us.

I'm sure the Russians are smart enough to know that President Obama's reelection is good for them. Lord knows what Obama will give away in December.

Every day, Carter looks better. Even he managed to react to Soviet aggression and increase defense spending in response.

UPDATE: I hear that missile defense is the particular area that President Obama will bend over backwards to give up. Silly me, I had hoped the kisser and the kissed would be reversed.

UPDATE: Don't under-estimate the shamefulness of this incident:

Obama appears to have decided his re-election, with the aid of Putin, is more important than supporting U.S. allies and pursuing responsible collective security measures against rogue regimes. Hope and change? No. A self-centered politician's political security first. American security? Not so much.

I'm not sure how much more "smart" diplomacy we can endure. The Poles are surely asking that question.

How on Earth does this administration think it can "lead from behind" if none of our allies believes they can safely turn their backs on us?

On the domestic front, liberals still love the president despite the many national security policies of Bush that Obama has continued. This is because liberals deep down trust their candidate to retreat and disarm when he can in his second and final term. Now President Obama has let the Russians know they just need to be patient, too. As long as enough rubes here believe the farce long enough to vote for President Obama, Russians and liberals will be happy.